Mini-workshop on deformed W-algebras and q-characters II

by qsms posted Jun 03, 2022


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일정시작 2022-06-16
일정종료 2022-06-16
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Mini-workshop on deformed W-algebras and q-characters II


  • Date: 2022-06-16 (Thu)
  • Place: 129-406 (SNU)
  • Timetable:

9:00 ~ 10:00

Speaker: 서의린 (SNU)

Title: Constructions of W-algebras

Abstract: In this talk, I will briefly review two of most well-known constructions of classical and quantum W-algebras. The first part will be about Drinfeld-Sokolov reduction and the second part will be about screening operators. I will also show how these two constructions are related to each other in both classical and quantum cases.   


10:30 ~ 12:00

Speaker: 장일승 (QSMS, SNU)

Title: Introduction to q-characters

Abstract: Let U' be the quantum affine algebra corresponding to an affine Lie algebra (of untwisted type). In [arXiv:math/9810055], Frenkel and Reshetikhin provided a refined notion of the ordinary character in the category of finite-dimensional U'-modules, so-called q-character, motivated by their theory of deformed W-algebras. In this talk, I will briefly introduce the q-character and discuss it, focusing mainly on type A with rank 1 or 2.


14:00 ~ 15:30

Speaker: 김영훈 (QSMS, SNU)

Title: Computation of q-characters of finite dimensional modules of quantum affine algebras

Abstract: In 1998, Frenkel and Reshetikhin introduced an injective ring homomorphism, called the q-character, from the Grothendieck ring of finite-dimensional modules of a quantum affine algebra to a ring of Laurent polynomials. In this talk, we first study some basic properties of the q-character. Then, we explicitly compute q-characters for some example modules.   


16:00 ~ 17:00

Speaker: 이신명 (SNU)

Title: Deformed W-algebras and q-characters      

Abstract: In this talk, we investigate relations between deformed W-algebras and finite-dimensional representations of quantum affine algebras. We first define various deformed W-algebras by means of screening operators. Among them, we focus on q-deformed W-algebras, whose free field realization can be identified with the q-character map. Finally, we give a brief survey on more recent results on both sides.     




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