[SNU Number Theory Seminar 6 ~ 7 Feb] Prismatic F-crystals and applications to p-adic Galois representations

by qsms posted Feb 13, 2023


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일정시작 2023-02-06
일정종료 2023-02-07
배경색상 #FF5733
  • Date:  2023-02-06 ~ 02-07  11:00 ~ 12:00
  • Place:  27-325 (SNU)

  • Speaker:  Yong Suk Moon (BIMSA) 
  • Title:  Prismatic F-crystals and applications to p-adic Galois representations
  • Abstract

Prismatic cohomology, which is recently developed by Bhatt and Scholze, is a p-adic cohomology theory unifying etale, de Rham, and crystalline cohomology. In this series of two talks, we will discuss its central object of study called prismatic F-crystals, and some applications to studying p-adic Galois representations. The first part will be mainly devoted to explaining motivational background on the topic. Then we will discuss the relation between prismatic F-crystals and crystalline local systems on p-adic formal scheme, and talk about applications on purity of crystalline local system and on crystalline deformation ring. If time permits, we will also discuss recent work in progress on log prismatic F-crystals and semistable local systems. A part of the results is based on joint work with Du, Liu, Shimizu.






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