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    QSMS Mailing List Registration

  2. No Image 17Jul
    by qsms
    2023/07/17 by qsms
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    [QSMS-BK21 Symplectic Seminar 28 July] Nonexistence of Exact K(G,1) Lagrangians in Milnor Fibers of Weighted Homogeneous Polynomials / Associative Yang-Baxter Equation and Fukaya Categories

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    by qsms
    2023/08/14 by qsms
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    [QSMS Symplectic topology seminar 20230817] Symplectic Torelli classes of positive entropy

  4. No Image 29Oct
    by qsms
    2021/10/29 by qsms
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    [QSMS Monthly Seminar] Quantum entanglement entropy in abelian arithmetic Chern-Simons theory

  5. No Image 24Oct
    by qsms
    2023/10/24 by qsms
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    [QSMS Symplectic geometry seminar 2023-10-24] Linear bounds on rho-invariants and simplicial complexity of manifolds

  6. No Image 28Mar
    by qsms
    2022/03/28 by qsms
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    [SNU Number Theory Seminar 20220401] Randomness and structure for sums of cubes

  7. No Image 04Aug
    by qsms
    2023/08/04 by qsms
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    [QSMS Symplectic topology seminar 20230811, 0817] Spectral numbers in Tate Rabinowitz Floer Homology

  8. No Image 23Sep
    by qsms
    2021/09/23 by qsms
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    [QSMS Monthly Seminar] Smoothing of Fano varieties and mutations

  9. No Image 21Aug
    by qsms
    2023/08/21 by qsms
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    [QSMS Symplectic topology seminar-20230828] From Babylonian lunar observations to global surfaces of section

  10. No Image 02Mar
    by qsms
    2023/03/02 by qsms
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    [SNU Number Theory Seminar 31 Mar] Height gap theorem and almost law

  11. No Image 19Mar
    by qsms
    2022/03/19 by qsms
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    [SNU Number Theory Seminar 20220321, 0322, 0324] Three lectures on the Eisenstein ideal

  12. No Image 18May
    by qsms
    2022/05/18 by qsms
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    [SNU Number Theory Seminar 2022-06-03] The Coleman conjecture on circular distributions and the equivariant Tamagawa Number conjecture

  13. No Image 11Sep
    by qsms
    2023/09/11 by qsms
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    [QSMS Seminar 2023-10-06, 11-03] Algebraic group analogues of the Slodowy slices and the structure of the set of conjugacy classes in algebraic groups / Poisson q-W-algebras

  14. No Image 26Jun
    by qsms
    2023/06/26 by qsms
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    [SNU Number Theory Seminar 30 June] Do Tropical Markov Cubics dream of Hyperbolic Origami?

  15. No Image 13Feb
    by qsms
    2023/02/13 by qsms
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    [SNU Number Theory Seminar 6 ~ 7 Feb] Prismatic F-crystals and applications to p-adic Galois representations

  16. No Image 03Sep
    by qsms
    2021/09/03 by qsms
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    [QSMS 기하/위상 세미나 2021.09.06] The mirror P=W conjecture from homological mirror symmetry of Fano manifolds

  17. No Image 12May
    by qsms
    2021/05/12 by qsms
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    [Seminar 2021.05.13] Convergence of harmonic maps via regular nodes

  18. No Image 08Dec
    by qsms
    2020/12/08 by qsms
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    [Seminar 2020.12.10] Zeta함수와 L함수에 대한 역사적 고찰III

  19. No Image 06May
    by qsms
    2021/05/06 by qsms
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    [Seminar 2021.05.11] Knotted embeddings

  20. No Image 11May
    by qsms
    2021/05/11 by qsms
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    [Seminar 2021.05.14] On some results about non-holomorphic Jacobi forms

  21. No Image 04Jan
    by qsms
    2021/01/04 by qsms
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    [Seminar 2021.01.07] Zeta함수와 L함수에 대한 역사적 고찰VII

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