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일정시작 2024-04-12
일정종료 2024-04-12
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2024년 04월 QSMS  Monthly Seminar 


  • Date:   Apr. 12th (Fri) 14:00 ~ 17:00
  • Place:  27-220 (SNU)
  • Contents:


Speaker:  홍한솔 (연세대학교)

Title: Local systems and finite group symmetry in Floer theory
Abstract:  Given a covering of a Lagrangian submanifold with a finite deck transformation group G, each representation of G produces a local system on the Lagrangian. When there is a finite group symmetry on a symplectic manifold, we discuss the construction of its orbifold mirror associated with the family of objects formed by a Lagrangian coupled with various local systems obtained through this procedure.


Speaker:  배한울 (서울대학교)

Title: Calabi-Yau structures on Rabinowitz Fukaya categories
Abstract:  In this talk, I will first introduce the notion of proper Calabi-Yau structure on an A_infinity(or a dg category) and then the notion of relative proper Calabi-Yau structure on an functor between two A_infinity categories(or dg categories). Then I will explain that the Rabinowitz Fukaya category carries a proper Calabi-Yau structure under certain degree-wise finite assumption. Furthermore, I will discuss if the natural functor from wrapped Fukaya category to Rabinowitz Fukaya category carries a relative proper Calabi-Yau structure.





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