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일정시작 2023-10-26
일정종료 2023-10-28
배경색상 #33FFF6

Oct. 27th (Fri), 2023


Special Session (Representation Theory and Related Topics

- Combinatorial q-character formula for fundamental modules in type C (장일승)

- Investigating weak Bruhat interval modules of the 0-Hecke algebras: Projective covers and classification (김영훈)

- Product and coproduct rules for quasisymmetric functions via supercharacter theories (정우석)

- Crystal base of the negative half of the quantum superalgebra Uq(gl(m|n)) (Akito URUNO)           

- N=2 supersymmetry of classical supersymmetric W-algebras (송아림)

- Supersymmetric extension of universal enveloping vertex algebras (윤상원)


Invited Lecture (Topology

- The Maurer-Cartan algebra of a Lagrangian and noncommutative local mirror (홍한솔)


Contributed Talk (Topology

- Floer theory for the variational operator of isolated singularities (좌동욱)

- Optimization of handcuff graphs on 3D lattice (노성종)

- Volume growth via real Lagrangians in Milnor fibers (김준태)

- On Z/2Z-orbifold surfaces and skew-gentle algebras (김경모)

- Periodic shadowable points for flows (이현희)

- Terminal expansive maps (정우철)

- Octahedral decomposition of knot complement and Ptolemy coordinates (김선화)

- Folded ribbon length of arbitrary knots (유형기)


Special Session (Combinatorics and Algebraic Geometry

- Thresholds for Latin squares and Steiner triple systems (강동엽)

- Bases of the equivariant cohomologies of regular semisimple Hessenberg varieties (이은정)

- The Leray number and the Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity (김진하)

- Lecture hall graphs and the Askey scheme (김장수)

- Combinatorial aspects of nodal surfaces (조용화)

- Counting pseudo-Anosov mapping classes (최인혁)

- Counting lattice points and its applications to algebraic geometry and topology (이경석)

- Automorphisms and deformations of Hessenberg varieties (이동건)

- Equations, relations, and syzygies compute gonality sequences of smooth projective curves (최준호)

- Quivers, Newtwo-Okounkov bodies, and monotone Lagrangian tori (조윤형)

Oct. 28th (Sat), 2023
Special Session (Toric Topology

- On the nonsingular complete toric varieties of Picard number 4 (장현태)

- Topology and combinatorics of toric Schubert varieties (박선정)

- Surface singularities and vector bundles (조용화)

- Strong cohomological rigidity of Hirzebruch surface bundles in Bott towers (Hiroaki Ishida)

- Circle actions on oriented 4-manifolds (장동훈)

- Unique toric structure on a Fano manifold (조윤형)



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