[SNU Number Theory Seminiar] 2021.10.15

by qsms posted Sep 09, 2021


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일정시작 2021-10-15
일정종료 2021-10-15
배경색상 #FF5733
  • Date : 10월 15일 (금)  10:30 AM, Zoom 819 9587 9639  /  378135

  • Speaker : Ananth Shankar (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

  • Title : Canonical heights on Shimura varieties and the Andre-Oort conjecture

  • Abstract :  Let S be a Shimura variety. The Andre-Oort conjecture posits that the Zariski closure of special points must be a sub Shimura subvariety of S. The Andre-Oort conjecture for A_g (the moduli space of principally polarized Abelian varieties) — and therefore its sub Shimura varieties — was proved by Jacob Tsimerman.  However, this conjecture was unknown for Shimura varieties without a moduli interpretation. I will describe joint work with Jonathan Pila and Jacob Tsimerman where we prove the Andre Oort conjecture in full generality.

  • Ref. SNU Number Theory Seminar  - Link



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