[QSMS Monthly Seminar 2022-10-28] Oscillator representations of quantum affine algebras  

by qsms posted Oct 30, 2022


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일정시작 2022-10-28
일정종료 2022-10-28
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2022년 10월 QSMS  Monthly Seminar


  • Date:   10월 28일 금 오후 2시 ~ 5시
  • Place:  129동 309호
  • Contents:


Speaker : 권재훈 (오후 2시)
Title : Oscillator representations of quantum affine algebras  
Abstract :

We introduce a category of infinite-dimensional representations of the quantum affine algebras of type A. We show that this category has a strong connection with the category of finite-dimensional representations of the quantum affine algebra of type A, and explain this connection using the representations of quantum affine superalgebras. This talk is based on joint work with S.M.Lee.



Speaker : 이동수 (오후 4시)
Title : On the Alexander polynomials of homology handles 
Abstact :

The Alexander polynomial is well known for a knot invariant, and it gives some necessary conditions for a knot to be a slice knot. Moreover, a knot with trivial Alexander polynomial is topologically slice. Similarly, the polynomial can be defined for 3-dimensional homology handles, which are compact, orientable 3-manifolds with the integral homology of S^1 × S^2. In this talk, we discuss similar results for homology handles under a certain equivalence relation.