[2022 Global KMS International Conference 10/19 ~ 10/21] Related talks

by qsms posted Jan 05, 2023


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Extra Form
일정시작 2022-10-19
배경색상 #33FFF6

Algebra Session:    

10/19  Weak Bruhat interval modules of the $0$-Hecke algebras for genomic Schur functions (김영훈)


Special Session (Trends in Number Theory) 

10/19  Explicit constrctions for Bhargava's ``Higher Composition Laws" (이석형)


Focus Session (Algebra and Number Theory):

10/20  Extended crystals and quantum affine algebras (박의용)

10/20  The rational torsion subgroups of modular Jacobian varieties (유화종)


10/21   [故 명효철 교수 헌정강연]  권재훈


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