[QSMS Seminar 2021.07.02] Lefschetz fibrations on cotangent bundles

by qsms posted Jun 29, 2021


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일정시작 2021-07-02
일정종료 2021-07-02
배경색상 #7164D0

Date: 7월 2일 금요일 14:00~ 15:00
Place: 129동 301호
Speaker: 이상진 (IBS-CGP)
Title: Lefschetz fibrations on cotangent bundles.


Lefschetz fibrations are one of the important tools in symplectic topology and Homological Mirror Symmetry. Thus, it would be natural to ask how to construct Lefschetz fibrations on symplectic manifolds if they admit Lefschetz fibrations. In this talk, I will introduce an algorithm that produces Lefschetz fibrations on the cotangent bundles. The input of the algorithm is a handle decomposition of the zero section.






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