[QSMS Seminar 2021.08.23, 08.24] Affine PBW bases and affine MV polytopes

by qsms posted Aug 17, 2021


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일정시작 2021-08-23
일정종료 2021-08-24
배경색상 #77CC00
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Date:  Aug 23 (Mon) 17:00~18:15   (GMT +9, Seoul)

           Aug 24 (Tue)   17:00~18:15   (GMT +9, Seoul)
Place:  Zoom online       

           Monday:   -  Link

                                 Meetiing ID:  893 4666 5210    

           Tuesday:   -  Link

                                 Meetiing ID:  810 2297 2240      
Speaker:  Dinakar Muthiah (University of Glasgow) 

Title: Affine PBW bases and affine MV polytopes

Lusztig's PBW bases for finite-type quantum groups are an explicit construction of crystal bases. We now understand that the combinatorics of these bases is best described by MV (Mirković-Vilonen) polytopes. This is especially interesting because MV polytopes also appear in different contexts in different areas in representation theory.

In the first part of the lectures, I will recall the finite-type story and explain the relationship with MV polytopes. In the second part, I will recall the affine PBW bases constructed by Beck-Chari-Pressley, Akasaka, and Beck-Nakajima. I will explain how the combinatorics of affine PBW bases is exactly encoded by affine MV polytopes. This is joint work with Peter Tingley.




City Time 
Glasgow (GMT + 1) 09:00 ~ 10:15
Seoul  (GMT +9) 17:00 ~ 18:15







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