[2022 KMS Spring Meeting] Related talks

by qsms posted Apr 28, 2022


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Extra Form
일정시작 2022-04-28
일정종료 2022-04-28
배경색상 #33FFF6
Algebra Session:    
⋅ 28th-B-11:40 − 12:00   Homological properties of 0-Hecke modules for dual immaculate quasisymmetric functions (Seung-Il Choi)
Special Session:
A Taste of Symplectic Geometry 
    ⋅ 28th-C-13:10 − 13:40   Overview on symplectic geometry and mirror symmetry (Cheol-Hyun Cho)
    ⋅ 28th-C-14:10 − 14:40   Monotone Lagrangians and toric degenerations (Yunhyung Cho)
    ⋅ 28th-D-15:00 − 15:30   Special Lagrangian torus fibrations in mirror symmetry (Hansol Hong)
    ⋅ 28th-D-15:30 − 16:00   Disk potential functions for quadrics (Yoosik Kim)