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    QSMS Mailing List Registration

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    2022/08/13 by qsms
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    [QSMS Seminar 2022-08-24] Vector bundles and representation theory on a curve

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    2023/05/25 by qsms
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    [QSMS-BK21 Symplectic Seminar 26 May] 1. Product structures on the relative symplectic cohomology 2. Symplectic homology of affine varieties

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    2022/12/02 by qsms
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    [QSMS Monthly Seminar 2022-12-02] Extended crystal structures of Hernandez-Leclerc categories

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    2022/05/07 by qsms
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    [QSMS Geometry Seminar 2022-05-12] Tropical Lagrangian multi-sections and tropical locally free sheaves

  6. No Image 30Sep
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    2022/09/30 by qsms
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    [QSMS Monthly Seminar 2022-09-30] Monotone Lagrangians via toric degenerations: algebraic approach

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    2022/04/07 by qsms
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    [QSMS Seminar 2022.04.19] Universal objects in vertex algebra theory

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    2023/03/09 by qsms
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    [QSMS-BK21 Symplectic Seminar 10 Mar] Mirror Symmetry for Log Calabi-Yau Surfaces

  9. No Image 19Apr
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    2022/04/19 by qsms
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    [SNU Number Theory Seminar 2022-05-06] On an upper bound of the average analytic rank of a family of elliptic curves

  10. No Image 25Mar
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    2022/03/25 by qsms
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    [QSMS Monthly Seminar] The dimension of the kernel of an Eisenstein ideal

  11. No Image 27Oct
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    2022/10/27 by qsms
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    [SNU Number Theory Seminar 2022-11-04] Approximations with mod 2 congruence conditions

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    2022/09/06 by qsms
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    [SNU Number Theory Seminar 2022-09-16] Height-moduli and lower order terms

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    2022/07/04 by qsms
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    [QSMS Mini-course] Pablo Portilla cuadrado (University of Lille)

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    2022/05/09 by qsms
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    [QSMS Geometry Seminar 2022-05-17, 19] Symplectic Criteria on Stratified Uniruledness of Affine Varieties and Applications

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    2022/08/04 by qsms
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    [SNU Number Theory Seminar 2022-08-11] The dual Lagrangian fibration of hyper-Kähler manifolds

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    2022/07/21 by qsms
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    [SNU Number Theory Seminar 2022-06-21] Arithmetic local systems over the moduli space of curves

  17. No Image 13Oct
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    2021/10/13 by qsms
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    [QSMS Seminar 2021.10.26, 10.28] Feigin-Semikhatov duality in W-superalgebras

  18. No Image 05Jan
    by qsms
    2023/01/05 by qsms
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    [QSMS 집중강연 Representation theory 2023-02-13] Mini-course on quantum symmetric pairs II

  19. No Image 25Aug
    by qsms
    2022/08/25 by qsms
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    [QSMS Seminar 2022-08-31] Localization of the category of modules over quiver Hecke algebras

  20. No Image 13Oct
    by qsms
    2023/10/13 by qsms
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    [QSMS Monthly Seminar 2023-10-13] Quantum Grothendieck rings of Hernandez-Leclerc categories / Regular Schur labeled skew shape posets and their 0-Hecke modules

  21. No Image 28Nov
    by qsms
    2022/11/28 by qsms
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    [SNU Number Theory Seminar 2022-12-02] Torsion points and concurrent exceptional curves on del Pezzo surfaces of degree one

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