[QSMS Seminar 2022-12-2] N=2 supersymmetric W algebras from Hamiltonian reduction

by qsms posted Nov 25, 2022


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일정시작 2022-12-02
일정종료 2022-12-02
배경색상 #6aa84f
  • Date :  2022-12-2 (Fri), 15:00 ~ 16:00  
  • Place :  127-116  (SNU)  
  • Speaker :  Eric Ragoucy (LAPTh, CNRS)

  • TiTle  :   N=2 supersymmetric W algebras from Hamiltonian reduction

  • Abstract : 

I will review the formalism of classical Dirac brackets in the context of W algebras and superalgebras. Dirac brackets allow to deal with a Poisson bracket when constraints are imposed in the phase space. In the context of Wess-Zumino models, this amounts to consider an Hamiltonian reduction of the model, leading to Toda models and W algebras.  When considering a special class of Lie superalgebras, it leads to supersymmetric W algebras. In that case, one can introduce a super-field formalism to make the N=1 supersymmetry manifest. For a sub-class of these Lie superalgebras, it leads to N=2 supersymmetric W algebras. I will present these different cases, the last case opening the possibility of a procedure dealing with N=2 super-fields.




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