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    QSMS Mailing List Registration

  2. [SNU Number Theory Seminiar 2021.11.12] Moduli of Fontaine-Laffailles and mod-p local-global compatibility

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    2021/03/04 by qsms
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    [Seminar 2021.03.19] Introduction to zeta functions of groups and rings

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    2021/07/05 by qsms
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    [사교위상 초청강연 2021.07.16] Categorical entropy and symplectic geometry

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    2021/09/09 by qsms
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    [SNU Number Theory Seminiar] 2021.10.15

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    2021/01/11 by qsms
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    [QSMS Monthly Seminiar] Symplectic homology and the McKay correspondence

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    2020/12/07 by qsms
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    [Seminar 2020.12.23]Machine-learning for mathematics: case study of number fields and elliptic curves

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    2021/10/20 by qsms
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    [SNU Number Theory Seminiar 2021.11.05] Bianchi modular symbols and p-adic L-functions

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    2021/02/22 by qsms
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    [Seminar 2021.02.25] Zeta함수와 L함수에 대한 역사적 고찰IX

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    2021/05/28 by qsms
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    [QSMS Monthly Seminar] Symmetric functions and super duality

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    2021/03/26 by qsms
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    [QSMS Monthly Seminar] A survey on symplectic fillings and Milnor fibers of a normal complex surface singularity

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    2021/09/10 by qsms
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    [QSMS Seminar 2021.09.30] Schur-Weyl duality, old and new & Quantum symmetric pairs and Schur-type dualities

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    2021/05/28 by qsms
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    [Seminar 2021.06.11] The pentagonal theorem of sixty-three and generalizations of Cauchy's lemma

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    2021/06/24 by qsms
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    [QSMS Monthly Seminar] Closed orbits and Beatty sequences

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    2023/06/26 by qsms
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    [QSMS-BK21 Symplectic Seminar 30 June] Matrix Factorizations

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    2020/12/02 by qsms
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    [QSMS Monthly Seminar]Introduction to modular curves and modular forms

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    2021/01/18 by qsms
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    [Seminar 2021.01.21] Zeta함수와 L함수에 대한 역사적 고찰VIII

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    2022/07/14 by qsms
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    [QSMS Seminar 20220721] Finding ALL solutions

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    [2021 KMS Annual Meeting] Related talks

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    2021/11/29 by qsms
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    [QSMS Seminar 14,16 Dec] A brief introduction to differential graded Lie algebras I, II

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    2022/01/03 by qsms
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    [BK21-QSMS Toric Geometry Seminar] Moment Polytope

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