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일정시작 2021-07-16
일정종료 2021-07-16
배경색상 #7164D0

Date: 7월 16일 금요일 13:30~ 16:30
Place: 129동 301호
Speaker: 김종명 (IBS-CGP)
Title: Categorical entropy and symplectic geometry



A symplectic manifold together with a symplectomorphism form a discrete dynamical system. To study the complexity of such a dynamical system, one can use various kinds of entropies: topological entropy, Floer-theoretic entropy, categorical entropy and so on. In this talk, I will focus on the categorical entropy and give some examples from symplectic geometry. This talk consists of the following four parts:
1. From topological entropy to categorical entropy
2. Entropy of compositions of spherical twists
3. Entropy via spherical functors
4. Towards a categorical Gromov--Yomdin theorem
Part 3 is based on arXiv:2102.08590 and Parts 2, 4 are based on joint works in progress with Federico Barbacovi.




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