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    QSMS Mailing List Registration

  2. No Image 13Oct
    by qsms
    2021/10/13 by qsms
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    [QSMS Seminar 2021.10.26, 10.28] Feigin-Semikhatov duality in W-superalgebras

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    by qsms
    2021/09/23 by qsms
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    [QSMS Seminar 2021.10.12, 10.14] Vertex algebras and chiral homology I and II

  4. No Image 10Sep
    by qsms
    2021/09/10 by qsms
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    [QSMS Seminar 2021.09.30] Schur-Weyl duality, old and new & Quantum symmetric pairs and Schur-type dualities

  5. No Image 17Aug
    by qsms
    2021/08/17 by qsms
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    [QSMS Seminar 2021.08.23, 08.24] Affine PBW bases and affine MV polytopes

  6. No Image 29Jun
    by qsms
    2021/06/29 by qsms
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    [QSMS Seminar 2021.07.02] Lefschetz fibrations on cotangent bundles

  7. No Image 29Nov
    by qsms
    2021/11/29 by qsms
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    [QSMS Seminar 14,16 Dec] A brief introduction to differential graded Lie algebras I, II

  8. No Image 05Mar
    by qsms
    2024/03/05 by qsms
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    [QSMS Representation theory seminar 2024-03-29] Quantum Grothendieck rings of Hernandez-Leclerc Categories

  9. No Image 18Jan
    by qsms
    2024/01/18 by qsms
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    [QSMS Representation theory seminar 2024-01-31] Kostant’s problem for Whittaker modules over Lie superalgebras

  10. No Image 15Dec
    by qsms
    2023/12/15 by qsms
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    [QSMS Representation theory seminar 2023-12-28] Generalized polynomial functors

  11. No Image 27Sep
    by qsms
    2023/09/27 by qsms
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    [QSMS Representation theory seminar - 2023-10-17] A Data-Scientific Approach to Representation Theory: Case Study of Kronecker Coefficients

  12. No Image 11Jan
    by qsms
    2021/01/11 by qsms
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    [QSMS Monthly Seminiar] Symplectic homology and the McKay correspondence

  13. No Image 02Dec
    by qsms
    2020/12/02 by qsms
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    [QSMS Monthly Seminar]Introduction to modular curves and modular forms

  14. No Image 27May
    by qsms
    2022/05/27 by qsms
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    [QSMS Monthly Seminar] Yokonuma Hecke algebras and invariants of framed links

  15. No Image 28May
    by qsms
    2021/05/28 by qsms
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    [QSMS Monthly Seminar] Symmetric functions and super duality

  16. No Image 23Sep
    by qsms
    2021/09/23 by qsms
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    [QSMS Monthly Seminar] Smoothing of Fano varieties and mutations

  17. No Image 07May
    by qsms
    2021/05/07 by qsms
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    [QSMS Monthly Seminar] Recoverable lattices

  18. No Image 29Oct
    by qsms
    2021/10/29 by qsms
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    [QSMS Monthly Seminar] Quantum entanglement entropy in abelian arithmetic Chern-Simons theory

  19. No Image 22Apr
    by qsms
    2022/04/22 by qsms
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    [QSMS Monthly Seminar] Quantization of integrable differential difference equations

  20. No Image 18Nov
    by qsms
    2020/11/18 by qsms
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    [QSMS Monthly Seminar] Peterson conjecture via Lagrangian correspondences and wonderful compactifications

  21. No Image 03Dec
    by qsms
    2021/12/03 by qsms
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    [QSMS Monthly Seminar] Introduction to finite-dimensional representations of quantum affine algebras

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