1. QSMS Mailing List Registration

    Date2021.09.09 Byqsms Views13288
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  2. [QSMS Geometry Seminar 20221230] Morphism spaces between coisotropic A-branes

    Date2022.12.27 Byqsms Views3413
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  3. [QSMS Geometry Seminar 2022-05-17, 19] Symplectic Criteria on Stratified Uniruledness of Affine Varieties and Applications

    Date2022.05.09 Byqsms Views3479
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  4. [QSMS Geometry Seminar 2022-05-12] Tropical Lagrangian multi-sections and tropical locally free sheaves

    Date2022.05.07 Byqsms Views3437
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  5. [KMS Specical Conference with 2022 Fields Medalists] Related talks

    Date2023.10.11 Byqsms Views3771
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  6. [BK21-QSMS Toric Geometry Seminar] The Fredholm regularity of discs

    Date2022.03.14 Byqsms Views3603
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  7. [BK21-QSMS Toric Geometry Seminar] Moment Polytope

    Date2022.01.03 Byqsms Views3892
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  8. [2022 KMS Spring Meeting] Related talks

    Date2022.04.28 Byqsms Views3580
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  9. [2022 Global KMS International Conference 10/19 ~ 10/21] Related talks

    Date2023.01.05 Byqsms Views3563
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  10. [2021 KMS Spring Meeting] Related talks

    Date2021.04.30 Byqsms Views7770
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  11. [2021 KMS Annual Meeting] Related talks

    Date2021.10.05 Byqsms Views3950
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