[QSMS Monthly Seminar] Yokonuma Hecke algebras and invariants of framed links

by qsms posted May 27, 2022


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일정시작 2022-05-27
일정종료 2022-05-27
배경색상 #036eb7

2022년 4월 QSMS  Monthly Seminar


  • Date:   27  May  Fri  PM 2:00 ~ 5:00
  • Place:  27-220 (SNU)
  • Speaker:  Myungho Kim

Title: Yokonuma Hecke algebras and invariants of framed links


Yokonuma-Hecke algebra (of rank n) is a finite-dimensional quotient of the group algebra of the framed braid group $F_n$, which is a semidirect product of $Z^n$ with the braid group $B_n$. Yokonuma-Hecke algebras provide a polynomial invariant for framed links along the similar line as the Iwahori-Hekce algebras of type A provide the HOMFLYPT polynomials.  We will review the construction of the invariants in this talk.


Speaker: Hanwool Bae

Title: Calabi-Yau cluster structures on Rabinowitz Fukaya categories


In this talk, I will consider the plumbing of the cotangent bundles of (d+1)-dimensional spheres along a tree T. I will discuss that its (derived) wrapped Fukaya category W, its (derived) compact Fukaya category F, and a certain generator L of W form a (d+1)-Calabi-Yau triple, where L is given by the direct sum of cocore disks. This implies that the quotient category W/F carries a d-Calabi-Yau cluster structure. Recently, by Ganatra-Gao-Venkatesh, the quotient category W/F was shown to be quasi-equivalent to the Rabinowitz Fukaya category if F is a Koszul dual subcategory of W. Using this result, in the case the tree T is given by a Dynkin diagram of type A,D or E, I will discuss how to show that the Lagrangian Rabinowitz Floer homology of L and itself is isomorphic to the path algebra of a certain quiver as a ring .

This talk is based on a joint work with Wonbo Jeong and Jongmyeong Kim.





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