[QSMS Representation theory seminar 2024-03-29] Quantum Grothendieck rings of Hernandez-Leclerc Categories

by qsms posted Mar 05, 2024


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일정시작 2024-03-29
배경색상 #77CC00
  • Date:  2024-03-29 (Fri) 15:00  ~ 16:00 
  • Place:  129-104 (SNU)
  • Speaker:  박의용 (서울시립대학교)
  • Title:  Quantum Grothendieck rings of Hernandez-Leclerc Categories
  • Abstract:  Hernandez-Leclerc categories take an important position in study of quantum affine algebras and cluster algebras. In this talk, I will talk about the quantum Grothendieck ring of Hernandez-Leclerc category. The first part will be devoted to explaining the definition of the quantum Grothendieck ring and its ring-theoretic properties. Then I will talk about my recent work on the PBW theory for the quantum Grothendieck ring, which is based on arXiv:2401.04878.


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