[QSMS Monthly Seminar]Introduction to modular curves and modular forms

by qsms posted Dec 02, 2020


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일정시작 2020-11-27
배경색상 #182987

일시: 11월27일 금요일 오후 2시 ~ 6시 

장소: 27동220호

Title: Introduction to modular curves and modular forms

Speaker: 유화종(서울대학교)



We discuss the notion of modular curves and modular forms and various related problems in the context of number theory.


Title: Wall-crossing in Floer theory

Speaker: 홍한솔(연세대학교)



The wall-crossing phenomenon in Lagrangian Floer theory refers to a drastic change in holomorphic disk counting while the bounding Lagrangians vary continuously. In particular, wall-crossings for Lagrangian tori can be formulated in terms of cluster transformations, which brings cluster varieties as principal objects into the study of mirror symmetry. I will discuss various features of the wall-crossing in Floer theory, making use of concrete examples, and explain its combinatorial nature.



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