[Seminar 2021.04.23] Quiver Hecke algebras and unipotent quantum coordinate ring

by qsms posted Apr 09, 2021


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일정시작 2021-04-23
배경색상 #77CC00

일시:  4월 23일 (금) 10:00 ~ 12:00

장소:  Zoom    or    129동 101호

제목:  Quiver Hecke algebras and unipotent quantum coordinate ring 

연사:  김명호 교수 (경희대)


In this talk we will review the categorification of quantum unipotent coordinate ring $U^{-}_q(w)$ via quiver Hecke algebras. Assume that  $g$ is a symmetrizable Kac-Moody algebra, $R$ is the corresponding quiver Hecke algebra, and $w$ is an element in the Weyl group of $g$.  Then there exists an abelian monoidal subcategory $C_w$ of the category of finite-dimensional graded $R$-modules such that the Grothendieck ring  $C_w$ is isomorphic to the unipotent quantum coordinate ring $U^{-}_q(w)$. Most of the time will be devoted to explaining this correspondence mainly following the paper "Monoidal categories associated with strata of flag varieties" by Kashiwara-Kim-Oh-Park.




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