[QSMS Symplectic topology seminar 20230817] Symplectic Torelli classes of positive entropy

by qsms posted Aug 14, 2023


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Extra Form
일정시작 2023-08-17
배경색상 #229954
  • Date:  2023-08-17 (Thu) 14:30 ~ 16:00  
  • Place:  129-104 (SNU)   
  • Speaker:  김준태  (Sogang University)
  • TiTle:  Symplectic Torelli classes of positive entropy

  • Abstract:  By a Torelli class, we mean a symplectic mapping class acting trivially on homology. The study of symplectic Torelli groups has been a central topic of modern symplectic topology. In this talk, we embark on a voyage of Torelli classes and entropies. It turns out that Floer theory can genuinely detect a positive topological entropy, namely that there is a Torelli class in a symplectic K3 surface having a positive topological entropy. This is joint work with Myeonggi Kwon.


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